Performance coaching


Stage fright - Delight!

Performance Coaching – Bringing the Whole Self into Your Art

My offering comes from my personal journey. During my classical music training I encountered enormous fears, physical tremors and paralyzing stage fright. Tapping into my intuition and creativity I was able to develop concrete tools to support myself. These tools have allowed me to play from my heart and through my fears, to find laughter in the process, and to bring my best to my music.

Through years of teaching experience I have found unique ways of bringing these tools to others. I have seen many students shift from tears and shaking, to beaming smiles and passionate playing. Such transformations bring me great joy. Such joy feels renewed with each student I work with.

Whatever your instrument, whether performance or public speaking, we all must navigate the emotional-mental blocks that arise in our journey. I bring a wide range of creative, enjoyable and fun exercises to fit your needs. I am honored to offer you holistic, individualized, step by step support with:

Unblocking mental blocks
Performance anxiety
Facing your fears
Learning by ear
Memorizing by heart (sensory tools for deep body memory)